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Electric Vehicle Charging in Your Home

Car manufacturers are now coming out with electric vehicles (EVs) more than ever. With increasing gas prices and the shift in our outlook on sustainability, it’s a great step toward making a financial and environmental impact.

I Bought a Car, Now What?

When you drive off the lot with your new investment, you may wonder what’s next. The gas guzzler is out of your driveway, and you have one less stop to make at the gas station, but how do you charge this new vehicle?

The qualified electricians at Arizona Energy Pros have experience installing electric vehicle charging stations for your home. We will come to your home and give you an estimate upfront to get you going on an in-home EV charging system.  

Transitioning into installing an electric car charger for your home is a great step. 

Electric Vehicle Charger

Benefits of Having a Car Charger in Your Home

Convenience: Most people would prefer to recharge their cars overnight while they rest. A residential charging station will eliminate your need to drive to a public charging station and wait for your car to reload. You can be charging while lounging around the house, doing chores, or playing with your kids. No need to wait in line to charge!
Cost-effective: Not only will you save on fuel because you bought an EV vehicle, but you will also decrease your cost if you invest in an at-home system. Rather than paying for public EV charging, installing a residential charging station is a one-time installation cost that provides unlimited access to energy directly from your home to your vehicle. When your home is equipped with solar panels from AEP, charging your vehicle will cost you even less. Powering your EV with energy from the sun is the most eco-friendly and cost-effective option.
Peace of mind: By eliminating the unknown such as the distance to charging locations or waiting in a long line for the fastest charger,    you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are starting with a full charge when you leave home each day.

Have we convinced you? If so, call us for a free estimate and get the energy your car needs right at home.



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