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Is Solar Good Idea for My Home

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar isn’t a new concept and has been around for nearly 70 years. Since the early 2000s homeowners have been investing in solar for their residences. Arizona Energy Pros installed their first solar system on a home in the Valley in 2006 and have since become experts at solar sales, installations, and repairs. There are many reasons to install solar such as saving money, improving the environment, and having a backup solar-powered generator when the local grid stops working. We will share a few important things to look for while you prepare to go solar.

Let’s Talk About Your Roof

The first step is to determine how much life is left on your existing roof.  If you are not sure, this is information that we can help you acquire. A solar panel system can provide electricity for many years but if your roof needs repair or is coming to the end of its life cycle, it’s important to include roof repair or replacement into your budget. If needed, most solar financing companies will also approve roof costs along with solar to ensure the safety and quality of the solar installation for the homeowner. Arizona Energy Pros does a roof inspection with every solar customer to ensure that your roof is solar-ready.

Solar Panel on roof

It’s important to note what direction your home faces. For instance, north-facing roofs see considerably less sunlight compared to south-facing roofs. Homes with roofs facing south, southeast, and southwest are among some of the best candidates for solar panels. In North America, most homes with southern exposure will get the most sunlight. This doesn’t mean that only people with southern exposures are good candidates for solar, there are many factors that go into determining if solar is a good fit.

Some factors to think of are:
  • How large is the square footage of your roof? The amount of space needed depends on how large your home is and how much power you’re hoping to create. Large wide-open spaces with full sun exposure are the best for fitting solar panels and typically the minimum amount of roof space needed is about 200 square feet.
  • What if I have vents or a chimney? The available space should be clear of any obstructions like chimneys, pipes or skylights, but don’t fret if this doesn’t seem to fit your roof, we will come and inspect your roof before every installation.
Solar Panels on a home roof

How Much Do You Spend on Your Electric Bill?

If your energy bills are high, you may benefit from going solar. On average, eight out of the 12 months have a temperature of 80 degrees or higher in Arizona. With the air conditioning running all year round, annual household energy costs can be in the thousands. In fact, the average annual energy expenditure per person is $3,052, including transportation and residential energy. Solar power can reduce or eliminate these costs as soon as they are installed. They also offer long-term savings, because, after the upfront cost of installation, it’s basically free to capture the power of the sun.  The higher your bill, the more you can save in the long run.

Check out Google’s Project Sunroof to see if your home is a good candidate for solar and set up an appointment for a free consultation with one of our experts!


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